Carter Lee is an equal gay rights advocate

I believe that everyone is equal, and no human is great than another; regardless of race, gender, and sexual orientation. We live in an archaic society where a large part of our culture judges those who are different based on sexual orientation. We have to break the shackles of the past, the shackles of organized religion, the shackles of judgement, and fear; and embrace a modern era. An era of true equal rights for gays, an era where love is blind, an era where marriage can be defined as the partnership of two adults in love, ALL adults. And an era where homosexuality is not looked upon as a sin, where the LGBT community are not judged as sinners, an era where they are not judged.

In order for more states to legalize gay marriage, it’s up to all of us to stand by our brothers and sisters and fight for their rights, their equal rights. Too often we take the attitude of if it doesn’t effect me then I don’t care. Well we need to care, because if it was you that was discriminated against, you would want others to help you fight the good fight. So I’m asking for you to get involved. Stand with me, stand with your peers, and let’s make a difference and help make America a modern America, an improved America, a just America. It’s okay to be straight, but don’t be narrow. -Carter Lee

Contact Your Representative

Contact your local representative and tell them you support gay rights.

Contact Your Congress

Contact your congressman/congresswoman and tell them you support gay rights.


In addition to being a civil/gay rights activist, Carter Lee is also a child sex abuse survivor and spokesman, does charity work for animal rights, and womens rights as well. To see all of the phenomenal causes that he stands for please visit the Vera activism page.