Carter alongside his Spokesmodel Sabryna Saenz.

Carter alongside his Spokesmodel Sabryna Saenz.

Carter’s Bombshell’s symbolizes more than just beauty, they represent art, meaning, purpose, and they have a message. Gone are the days of the cookie-cut models that are sickly thin, super tall, or fit into one stereo type or mold. The Bombshell’s are not about having one look, with models who symbolize that look, but rather; an eclectic group of women, unique, inspirational, and powerful. The majority of the fashion industry is negative, putting negative pressure on models, and they tend to objectify women by not allowing them to show their depth, heart, story, and purpose in life.

Carter Lee’s purpose of the Bombshells is to entertain, but equally it is to inspire and challenge others; and ultimately it’s to empower women. Similar to his brand and story, of being an inspiration and to challenge others; the Bombshells are an extension of that brand. “I think being a sex symbol can be empowering when done the right way,” says Carter, “but I rarely see it done that way. Being edgy and risque can be great, and to me; edgy is a natural state of being, and it’s a part of art.  But when a company or group simply

releases pictures of sexy chicks, with no real depth on the models, with no art to the

Carter alongside Bombshells Mindy and Larissa for the Houston Zombie  Walk calendar shoot

Carter alongside Bombshells Mindy and Larissa for the Houston Zombie Walk calendar shoot

photography or shoot, then it takes their power away; often just objectifying them. Empowering them  is when you can see a smoking hot pic of the model, appreciate their beauty, look at them as a sex symbol, and then “click” on them and read about their story.

“The interview process is probably the most unique one that these models have experienced. You have to be more than just hot, you can get hot anywhere, you have to have depth; and be an inspiration. These young women are incredible; they are very talented and have huge hearts, drive, and a passion and dedication for this industry that’s parallel to none. Their stories are inspirational and they should be shared. I want them to be able to be an encouragement to other young women, a symbolization of triumph and beauty. We are a team, a unit, with a vision and dream, driven with purpose, fueled by passion. Sexy, classy, inspirational; we are the evolution of fashion!

“It’s an honor to represent them, and it’s  been a true pleasure getting to know them. Most of the shoots we did in the beginning were

“normal”, for the purpose of having regular pics of them for  their portfolio. But now I am really excited, because I am focused on moving towards the direction I envisioned with these shoots, that of art. Just keep checking up on the site, over the next several weeks, I think the audience will be intrigued and sometimes challenged to what they see, maybe even offended; but either way, we will have you thinking.”

Carter’s Bombshells include his Spokesmodel Sabryna Saenz, the  last living Dali (Salvador Dali’s great-niece) Larissa Dali, Mindy Silva, tattoo artist Darina, among many others soon to be announced. 

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