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Carter Lee is dedicated to providing keynotes and consultations for organizations, small groups, companies, colleges, and universities that truly make a long-lasting impact and difference in people’s lives. Forget the fluff! Delivered  in an entertaining and charismatic manner, Carter reveals concrete solutions, knowledge, and information that will immediately breakdown barriers, increasing and boosting relationships, productivity, thought processes, sales and revenue. No matter your need, whether you want to challenge your students or increase your sales team’s bottom line, there is a solution that you and Carter can work on together. Because of the knowledge and methods he has used to overcome barriers and trauma from his past—paired with his background in journalism, sales, networking, SEO, and online media—Carter has a vast amount of topics that he can speak or consult on, depending on you or your organization’s needs. 

  • Overcoming the fear of selling, and how to immediately increase your sales.
  • Social Media
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • The art of modern journalism
  • Communication and work morale
  • Expanding thought process by learning to understand how the brain works
  • Overcoming past obstacles and trauma: Unfortunately, for most of us, we go through something traumatic, and sometimes we just can’t seem to shake it. Carrying around this weight or trauma leads to suffering, and that suffering affects our personal lives, our professional lives, and it prevents us from reaching our true potential. Once we overcome these barriers/traumas, what used to hold us prisoner ends up being the key to our freedom, and then we can reach our true potential. 

Carter Lee Has Spoken For Numerous Companies & Organizations, Including:

Includes Carter Lee's Interview With Kristin Kane

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